Dmitriy Medvedev, president of Russian Federation:

We with Nikolay Ivanovich have just passed by and looked at collages. I'm seeing it in full scale for the first time. Usually I see it in newspaper. This is piece of art. Very good, interesting, bright, memorizing - I like them.
Alexander POCHINOK, Minister of Labour and Social Development:

I laughed when saw Dorofeevs collage, in which Im making aerial photography. Its a pity that I dont actually flying. Such things should be real, then tax collectors could make estate inventory much faster. Influence of Dorofeevs work at public opinion is indisputable. We cannot deny history role of many other master-caricaturists, such as Moor, Mayakovskiy, Deni, Kukryniksy.

Alexander LEBED, governor of Krasnoyarsk region:

Dorofeevs works do always make an impression: they either liked, or not. I consider collage, where Im give out bread as Jesus Christ, very impressive and talented.
Alexei MITROFANOV, member of LDPR High Council:

In periods of elections Dorofeevs political caricature collages should be hanged at streets. I think his pieces of art should take active participation in elections events
Gennadiy Zuganov, chairman of CPRF:

I put on bow-tie for a first time in my life at your art directors will!

XX century is a century of information, television and montage. It is time of not abstractionism bur specifics. Andrei Dorofeev initiator of absolutely new art movement postsurrealism.
As arts critic Paola VOLKOVA, said, dorofeevs genre of photomontage caricature creates in newspaper text, which is parallel to written word. Strong side of his art is historicity. Well vanish, our passions will be forgotten, but our problems will remain in historical comprehension of Dorofeevs collages.
One of organizers of famous bulldozer exhibition in 1974 artist Vladimir NEMUHIN is positive, that many Andreis collages unique, all-sufficient works of art. Decades later people will learn about our time from them.
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